Christine Lisio is a Healing Facilitatior and Transformation Coach.  She is an expert in helping people manage, and often recover, from chronic illness.

Christine has received the Divine gift to work directly with the Master Healing Angels and the activation of a higher faculty tool allowing her to find the truth in matter. She has worked with her Angelic Healing Team for years to develop this gift of multidimensional healing for her own healing purposes and for the healing of others. Through this gift and her deep understanding of illness and suffering, Christine has the ability to bring forth high-level healing, truth, and wisdom to support others on their path of physical healing or spiritual growth.

A long and difficult period of chronic illness was the catalyst for Christine’s spiritual awakening. This experience served as an intense training ground where she passed through many initiation cycles of deep soul healing and physical healing, leading to a profound understanding of spiritual evolution and ultimately led to the opening of her spiritual gifts and healing abilities. She is dedicated and passionate about helping others with their growth and development.

Christine is also a contributing author for the book, Modern Heroine Soul Stories. In this inspiring book, Christine, along with 23 other women openly share their private struggles, unexpected life developments, and how they were able to soar higher to greater healing, forgiveness, trust, and strength. To learn more or to purchase your copy, click here.

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Client Testimonials

  • “I have experienced first hand the healing power of Christine Lisio’s divinely inspired Brain Balancing process. We are bombarded by energetic vibrations from all directions of our environment as we move through our day. Then add in the personal energetic shifts created from the quest for spiritual enlightenment. The mixture of these vibrations and changes can be a lot for the physical body to keep up with!  In my experience this healing has been a powerful support for the integration of the higher vibrational energy within the physical body. The process minimizes the physical symptoms brought on by energetic shifts and facilitates the reception of Divine Healing energy on the cellular level.

    -Jeannie Tapp, TX
  • “I didn’t know what to expect as Christine and I met on the phone for my Brain Balancing Session… I received SO much from her…  From my head to toes, I perceived shifts, calibrations, and welcomed changes. I received so much more than brain balancing and I highly recommend Christine’s work. Thank you Christel, for recommending this.”

    -TB 2017 WA
  • “I’m so grateful that I had the Brain Balancing Session!  During the Session I felt a gentle, clearing energy moving slowly through my head and then the rest of my body.  By the time we finished, I was refreshed with a deep sense of well-being and inner focus.  It seemed like my frazzled energy circuits and sluggish processing were cleansed and soothed into harmonious alignment, allowing an increased embodiment of my Higher Self.  That has helped so much with grounding, trusting and more readily shifting into a calm, open Heart Center as I explore and embrace the challenges which turn into joys of evolving.”

    -Susan C., California
  • “Thanks for an amazing [Monthly Healing] Call! I think I lost about 20 pounds of excess emotional and mental weight. I feel so calm right now. And I am excited about your new FB group!”

    -Susan, Maryland
  • “I have been experiencing the “new body effect” since the last healing call. It seems that the adrenal fatigue that I had been plagued with for years is gone! Yay! I’m still getting used to the increased sensitivity and basal body temperature (no more Raynaud’s Syndrome or whatever was causing my fingertips to turn purple in the cold 🙂 but it’s great to feel like my body finally works! I’ve been dealing with acid indigestion and an overheated digestive tract recently, but I suspect that I have been “processing stress” and burning out old toxins and so forth. I’ve got more stamina, too, and not a moment too soon!”

    -Amira S.

Questions? Just Ask!

When embarking on the journey to self-love and a joyful state of being, the first step is often the most difficult. Remember: there is no "right" or "wrong" question when it comes to energy healing and I am here to help you every step of the way -- all you have to do is ask!