When we are in wholeness, we act from a place of love rather than fear, which brings more grace, peace, joy, and wellness into our lives. We are free to be who we came here to be, and to live our purpose. Through guided healing sessions, we will identify the triggers in your life, using them as a springboard to transform the aspects of yourself that are no longer serving you. These fractured aspects of self and their associated emotions are the cause of limitation, blockages, and ill health in your body and being.

A breakdown on our in-person

Customized Session Offerings

Personal Growth & Spiritual Development Session

Work one-on-one with Christine in sessions designed specifically to meet your needs for personal growth and development. This is done by working through life challenges, blockages, or past pain to help you move out of the stuck-ness into a place of power and purpose. For more information on this session, please click below.

Well Being & Health Session

In this session, we will customize a program for you to address issues impacting your health and wellbeing. Through a series of sessions we can help you to feel better in your body and help you can reclaim your life. It’s best to schedule a free consultation prior to getting started. Contact us to book your appointment.

Questions? Just Ask!

When embarking on the journey to self-love and a joyful state of being, the first step is often the most difficult. Remember: there is no "right" or "wrong" question when it comes to energy healing and I am here to help you every step of the way -- all you have to do is ask!