Developing Your Consciousness For Expansion: Becoming Your True Self

In Blog by Christine Lisio

On January's healing call, I spoke about consciousness, Ascension, and the Master Healing Angels’ role here on Earth. If you are not familiar with these calls, many very advanced blessings and healings are done to support you on your path of consciousness development.

I would like to take this opportunity to not only recap what was shared, but expand upon this important topic:

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Consciousness is the unified field of Creation and exists as a continuum of energy vibrations. Consciousness is what makes up the entirety of Creation. By developing and expanding our own consciousness, we move further along the continuum to reach higher levels of self-realization and ultimately we reach oneness with God, also known as Unity Consciousness.

This evolutionary leap forward is also referred to as Ascension. Ascension can apply to the individual as well as the collective and planet. When a critical mass of individuals expand and develop their consciousness enough, we will reach a “tipping point.” As a result, the collective and the planet together, with Divine Grace, can pass over the threshold into a new and more advanced existence on Earth.

The great Master, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, categorized the states of human consciousness into 7 main levels, which can help to deepen one’s understanding of expanding consciousness. The movement between levels is a fluid unfolding, or “becoming,” as an individual advances along the continuum.

Every individual accesses the first three states of consciousness just by being alive:

1. The state of waking consciousness.

2. Deep sleep.

3. Dreaming.

Levels 4-7 are part of the evolutionary process and they are more accessible now than any other time on Earth:

4. Transcendental consciousness - a state of silence when the mind and senses are inactive, but the consciousness is fully awake. One has the ability to rest in this state at will and over time is able to hold this state longer and longer.

5. Cosmic consciousness/witness consciousness - inner unity. When the nervous system has developed enough that the 4th state is sustainable, the inner silence can be present while being active, thinking thoughts, and doing things. It feels like a ribbon of bliss running through all the moments in your day. There is also a realization that the pure consciousness is the true-self and one has the ability to recognize the little-mind/ego at play and that life is transient and illusory.  Operating from this state of consciousness, one has the ability to be non-reactive during times of stress and can, to some degree, comprehend the forces of nature and natural law playing out. However, the outer world is still experienced as separate from self.

6. God consciousness - a deepening of bliss. One’s perceptions of the outer world become more refined, more profound, and more subtle levels of bliss are experienced. The silence experienced in the inner world is brought to the outer world, and with that, a sense of devotion where one can experience the perfection and beauty in every moment and everything. All is beautiful.

7. Unity consciousness -  Oneness with All, which is oneness with God. There is no longer the perception of duality. The gap between the inner and outer reality is fully bridged, yet still ever unfolding and never-ending, continuing to expand and deepen.