How Do We Get The Upper Hand On Negative Thoughts?

In Blog by Christine Lisio


It is important to understand that making this type of shift in the quality of your thoughts is a process that must be undertaken consciously and gently, with an abundance of compassion for self.

The first step one can take is bringing awareness to our negative/non-beneficial thoughts and changing them to something positive and beneficial, just like you are tuning in to a different radio station.  By consciously noticing the thoughts you are having and changing them, you can begin to break the cycle of the negative loop. 

However, there is more you can do!  When you get out of your head and start living from your heart, your heart begins to influence many things, including the quality of thoughts you are having.  One way to do this is by engaging in a practice to develop coherence between the heart and brain. 

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When we are able to maintain a high level of coherence between the heart and the brain, we are truly living from our heart, allowing the heart to be the conductor of the complex, integrated system called our being.

We can think of our being as the orchestra, with the many different instrumental sections, each with their own role, but together creating a symphony.  When the brain is taking it’s instructions from the heart, there is more order, balance, and harmony in our being — mentally, emotionally, and physiologically, and in our lives. 

By comparison, when our brain is conducting the orchestra, we have less order, less balance, and we are at the mercy of our subconscious programing, ego, and the belief systems of the collective consciousness. 

In other words, when the orchestra is directed from the heart we operate as a magnificent symphony. 

When it is directed from the brain we have the strings section slightly out of tune and the percussion section a little off beat… you get the idea.  

Some of the best known researchers of heart-brain coherence are the scientists at the HeartMath Institute.  They have been able to quantify what many spiritual Masters have taught throughout time — that the heart is the doorway to wellness and expanded consciousness.  By measuring heart-rate variability, or beat-to-beat changes in heart rate, the HeartMath institute has found that high variability is a key indicator of physiological resiliency, behavioral flexibility, and adaptability to stress and other environmental demands, what some might call a peaceful or zen response to the world around us: 

“Research shows that when we activate this state [heart-brain coherence], our physiological systems function more efficiently, we experience greater emotional stability, and we also have increased mental clarity and improved cognitive function.  Simply stated, our body and brain work better, we feel better, and we perform better.” (Ref) 

Although meditation can help achieve a heart-coherent state, it does not automatically create Heart-Brain coherence.  Instead, a simple 3-step process described below can be used as a tool to consciously create the heart-brain coherence, which the HeartMath researchers have observed through heart-rate variability and other measures. 

By placing the heart at the center of one’s focus, a different biorhythm is created, one where the brain listens to the heart (as the conductor of the orchestra), and in turn, our body follows the instruction and our integrated being performs in perfect harmony, pitch, and rhythm.  This changes our interaction with our own being, the world, and the world’s interaction with us changes fundamentally. 

When you are living from your heart, you are living in the Divine pulse and becoming more of your true self.