How to Consciously Achieve Heart-Brain Coherence

In Blog by Christine Lisio


Everyone achieves heart-brain coherence from time to time.  What we need to ask is, how well we are doing it and how often are we in a state of coherence?

Achieving this coherence is a three-part process, as studied and described by the HearthMath Institute.

The first step is taking your awareness out of your mind and placing it in your heart center.

Next, begin to slow your breathing, taking smooth, rhythmic cleansing breaths while keeping your attention in your heart center.  This tells your nervous system to relax, and that it’s safe to step out of fight-or-flight mode into a more peaceful state.

The last part is to bring in an elevated emotion such as gratitude, love, or compassion.  You can do this by feeling gratitude for something or someone in your life, love for someone, or for a pet.  It is recommended to hold this state for a minimum of 5 minutes and increase your time with practice.

The more we engage in this activity, the better we become at holding the state of coherence.

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Our thoughts are powerful.  Thoughts are how we manifest our lives, whether consciously or unconsciously.  When you get out of your head and start living from your heart, your heart begins to influence the quality of thoughts you are having. 

When you generate elevated thoughts by living from your heart, wonderful things happen.

You create the life you want to live through opening to higher guidance, you trigger your innate self-healing mechanism, thereby strengthening your immune system, creating rejuvenating, regenerating, and anti-aging hormones.  You are raising your own consciousness and making a positive impact on those around you through the energy you are putting out into the world.

Can you imagine if everyone on the Earth was in a state of Heart-Brain coherence just 50% of the time, what a different world it would be?

While it can be challenging at times to step away from your busy day or a stressful situation to come to a place of balance and coherence, it brings the great rewards as described above.  At times it can also be difficult to conjure an elevated emotion, especially if you are you are feeling angry, anxious, depressed, or frustrated.

Some days we wake up in the morning and we just feel off.  However, taking the time to engage in effective spiritual practice for one’s growth and development is taking responsibility for our own thoughts, emotions, and energy.

By doing what it takes to shift into a better place, you could change your entire day.  Doing it consistently over time, you can change yourself, and your entire life.

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