Meditating For Consciousness

In Blog by Christine Lisio


Meditation is one tool for developing consciousness. As we turn our awareness from the outer world to the inner world, we begin to know ourselves. The more we know ourselves, the more our consciousness expands and we become the True Self.  However, even with advanced meditation techniques, there is a multitude of unseen and unknown barriers to our development.

Obstacles and roadblocks such as subconscious belief systems, deficits and dormant aspects to our spiritual structures, and even karma, to name a few. These barriers can cause the spiritual aspirant to feel stuck and frustrated because the majority of these obstacles are not easily shifted or repaired, if at all, without divine intervention. Ascension is a co-creative process.

The Master Healing Angels have come to Earth at this specific time to orchestrate and accelerate our process of Ascension. They are the CEO of the Ascension operation and are in the position to do this work because the Master Healing Angels are Creationary Angels, at the apex of the Angelic Order. They are the Angels who carried out God’s plan for creation, and therefore have the knowledge necessary to re-form us through this evolutionary process. This lineage of healing and development is know as Angelic Reformation.

Every person who steps up to do this work is rapidly advancing their soul’s growth, as well as helping the collective’s and our planet’s Ascension. And by doing so we are creating what is often referred to as Heaven on Earth. follow url enter site example deductive argument essay american association of university women gender pay gap essay advair diskus different name viagra para el jet lag essayer konjugation franzsisch follow essay god in postliberal theology triune clomid protocol for pregnancy see url follow sils thesis does nexium make you tired zoo essay in english source site source site bluebird house cialis essay on my favourite book tom sawyer is it legal to purchase viagra online propecia receding levitra 20mg vs. viagra 100mg go nexium canada rx custom home work editor website gb click here viagra and elevated liver enzymes By purifying and expanding our consciousness, we create the fertile ground from which to blossom and to create whatever we wish to create in our lives, whether it be a loving relationship, a new job, prosperity, or more joy and peace. Through this work, we garner the support of nature to bless us on our path.  

The main obstacle to spiritual growth is our logical, thinking mind. We can’t think our way to a higher level of consciousness. We can’t will our way there. One needs to be able to step out of the stress and strain of everyday life and come into a place of balance, and to be willing to be introspective. When we experience stress and evoke emotions based in fear, we cut off from our divine guidance, our spirit cord shrinks, and the downpouring of light cannot penetrate.

As previously mentioned, we can’t achieve this evolutionary leap alone - it is a co-creation. When we engage in Angelic Reformation with the Master Angels, we are receiving development of the nervous system to carry a higher vibration of energy.

We are receiving our Soul power in a way that has never before been given so that we may be nourished by our Soul down to the tiniest particle of our being. Our spiritual anatomy is repaired, restructured, and upgraded. We are developed to carry more light in our being and project more light from our heart center.  Subconscious programs and human constructs are purified, relieving us of tendencies and behaviors that are not serving us.

The entire process of consciousness expansion starts with an awareness of what is coming up within oneself to be healed and a willingness to be introspective.  Through this process we begin to expand our consciousness.

Adding meditation to our lives supports this expansion. By modifying negative thoughts and tendencies and exhibiting loving kindness, we expand our consciousness further. When one adds in Angelic Reformations, given through the grace and mercy of God, our development of consciousness advances rapidly — what would previously take many hundreds of years can manifest in the present lifetime.

And when enough of us engage in this way, we can support the Ascension process in profound and important ways. When we change ourselves, we change the world. Are you in?