Why Every Thought Matters

In Blog by Christine Lisio

The brain is our processing center.  Each thought we have is processed by the brain and causes a release of brain chemicals and hormones that send messages throughout our body.  The quality of these chemical and hormonal messages is determined by the thought, how it is processed, and the emotions that the thought evokes.  These chemical messages are what create the experience of the emotion in our body and mind that was initiated by the thought.

Therefore, how we feel in our body, how we feel emotionally and mentally, our perspective on our life, and the situations and circumstances we find ourselves in, are all a result of the thoughts we are having.

Thus, it is no surprise that positive thoughts are more beneficial than negative thoughts and positive emotions are more beneficial than negative emotions.  When we have a negative thought such as “I am stupid,” this thought evokes a number of emotions and feelings such as sadness, frustration, unworthiness, and shame.

As a result, a whole host of stress hormones, negative neurotransmitters, and negative brain chemicals are produced that create the feeling of being stupid in the body.  Repetitive negative thoughts, such as “I am stupid,” set up lasting neural pathways in the brain to support that particular thinking, and the body becomes so accustomed to these particular hormones and chemicals that a feedback loop is set up and we actually become addicted to the feeling of that thought.

These stress hormones and chemicals are anti-healing.

They will keep you alive in a crisis, but they will actually degrade the body over time.  Conversely, positive thoughts, along with positive emotions, create a release of beneficial hormones and chemicals that are nourishing, healing, and rejuvenating for the body.

Elevated thoughts and emotions create a cascade of reactions throughout the body, touching every molecule of your body and you are rejuvenated and re-ordered at the particle level.  This is our self-healing mechanism. This also helps explain why our body is the physical manifestation of our thoughts.  The inner is reflected in the outer.  We are all creators, creating our experiences through our thoughts and projecting out into the field of consciousness.